Mark Billingham Artist Statement


In what shape and form will I paint an impulse, a thought, a thing, when the something recalled has no stability in the minds eye?

I do it through the mode of improvisation, reassembling the something until a logical form surfaces. Provided there is a grain of truth I can paint anything I like as long as it will feel and look my own form of right, not factual illustration right. To improvise is to be intuitive.

I could say the subject matter is about life’s many fragments, vestiges of the tangible that become abstract in isolation. Trying to secure a compositional resolution can seem immeasurable. I do it for the thrill all the same. The thrill is to construct visual rhythms, connections, patterns and counterpoints; and although the process of making a picture might feel oddly habitual, it remains unfathomable whilst in action.

When all is done, then I start to see what I may have really been thinking. I am never left feeling that sure and I like this.